QuickTime VR, also know as "immersive imaging," is one of the great new tools available to the web today. This 360 degree, self-guided panoramic view is unparalled in giving the viewer the sense of "being there."
The many applications of this technology include realtors and architects/builders who use it to showcase the interiors and exteriors of their apartments, homes, and buildings. Travel agents and those in the hospitality industry (motels, etc.) are able to give the arm chair traveler "virtual tours" of locations and accomodations.

We speak the Language:

The people that take our source files are trained professional photographers, not computer guys with cameras and free software.

The people who create the end movies and design the web sites and web pages ARE computer people. We use Apple's QTVR software because it creates the smallest files with the best photographic quality. Also, it is the most widely available to the surfing public, it's free to all viewers, and it comes pre-installed on the latest browsers.

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To hire a QTVR artist info@gettyphoto.com

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